An essential feature of MAPFRE ASISTENCIA


"The drive to innovate is inseparable from all our company’s facets and processes and leads us to building teams which, like a laboratory, run at full throttle, with specialists ready to take charge of projects in times that would be impossible for anyone else, with people capable of extracting more synergies faster than most, and with work teams that put forward creative solutions."

Completely automated service


Comprehensive Assistance platform. The combination of GPS technology and our software makes it possible to fully automate claims management and reduce by one half the steps required for the effective provision of the roadside assistance service.

Users can contact the platform directly (online or by phone) and the platform will assign to the user directly the nearest available tow vehicle after it has been located by GPS.

Mobile aplication adapted to all devices


It allows any mobile device (iOS, Android and Blackberry) to request the roadside assistance service with just one click. It speeds up procedures and reduces times and costs, automating the Roadside Assistance Service. 

The App can be customised with the image and look&feel of the client company or be integrated into the client’s own App if already available.

To see how the application works on your iPhone, enter App Store, download the application and enter the following username and password:

User: assistance / Password: Marketing123*




The cloud-based world-leading management tool, which allows all kinds of processes to be implemented effectively. 

A CRM tool that follows clients through the entire after-sales cycle, ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Maiassist On Board

MAiassist On Board

Inclusion of roadside assistance into vehicle navigation systems and onboard computers.