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MAPFRE ASISTENCIA COMPAÑÍA INTERNACIONAL DE SEGUROS Y REASEGUROS, S.A, hereinafter MAPFRE ASISTENCIA, with registered offices at 52 Carretera de Pozuelo, 28222, Majadahonda, Madrid (Spain), is the owner of this website and is responsible for any personal data users may provide over this website.

Users are hereby informed and consent to having their data processed whilst browsing this webpage and those that are generated due to using it, including any communications or international transfers of data that may be made, for the purposes indicated in the section entitled “What is the purpose of handling your personal data?”.

If the data thus provided refer to individuals other than the user, the user will attest to having obtained and received their prior to providing them, and to have informed them, before including them in this document, of the handling and communications purposes and of the other terms envisaged in the Additional Data Protection Information section.

Users hereby declare that they are above the age of 14. Similarly, if the data thus provided during the navigation of the webpage are from a minor, as the minor’s parent or guardian, the applicant expressly authorises the handling of the data that have been provided including any data on health, for managing the purposes specified in the information on data protection.

Users attest to the precision and veracity of the personal data thus provided, agreeing to keep them duly updated and to notify MAPFRE of any changes that may occur to them.

Use of this website is subject to the Privacy and Personal Data Processing Policy, the Conditions of Use, and the Cookies Policy detailed below. Please read them carefully. Accessing this website and using the materials contained herein means that you have previously read and accepted these terms without reservations.

Basic information on data protection

At MAPFRE we care about protecting your personal data and handle it with the greatest transparency. For this reason, so that you can decide how we can handle them and to know your rights, below you will find information relating to how we will handle the data that you provide to us through this website.

Who is in charge of handling your personal data?

The personal information and/or data you provide us (including any health information) are entered into a file placed under the responsibility of:

  • Mailing address: 52 Carretera de Pozuelo, 28222, Majadahonda, Madrid. Spain.
  • Data Protection Officer Contact Information:

Which data do we store?

MAPFRE obtains information about its users. The data we store are: 

  1. 1. The domain name of the provider (ISP) that provides them access to the network. For example, a user of provider XXX would be identified with the domain 
  2. 2. The date and time of access to our website. 
  3. 3. The internet address that linked to our website.
  4. 4. The data you provide to us on the data collection form.

What is the purpose of handling your personal data?

MAPFRE will process any personal data submitted voluntarily during the Webpage navigation, including sensitive data, together with any data that it may obtain or generate from navigating internet websites or from other sources, for the following purposes:

  • Offering user more personalised browsing.
  • Preparation of statistics on the countries and servers that most often visit the website.
  • Knowledge of the times of higher visit traffic to the website, as well as the performance of precise adjustments to prevent access problems.
  • Knowledge of the effectiveness of the various buttons and links to our server, in order to boost those that provide the best results.
  • Maintenance of a record of the user web route activity.
  • Fraud prevention and investigation.
  • Maintenance and integral and centralised management of its relationship with the MAPFRE Group.
  • Processing, monitoring, and updating of any request for information, business relationship, precontractual or contractual relationship, from any of the various MAPFRE Group companies.

This website is being measured with solutions from Google Analytics, Analytics and Doubleclick. These solutions use trademarks in the webpages and anonymous cookies to analyse information on the audience (e.g. number of visits, length of the visit, etc.), users’ sociodemographic data, and records of their behaviour in our webpages (e.g. traffic sources, pages viewed, preferred sections, etc.).

Further information on Google Analytics’s privacy policy can be viewed at, Adobe Analytics’ privacy policy at and Doubleclick’s privacy policy on

All of the data that are collected and the processing and the purposes indicated above, are necessary or are related to the proper service and management of the webpage, and if applicable, maintenance, implementation and oversight of the relationship with MAPFRE.

How long will we keep your personal data?

The personal data thus provided will be held for a certain amount of time based on the following criteria: (i) the legal obligation to hold them; and (ii) requests for deletion from the interested party in applicable situations.

Under what authority are your data handled?

The legal basis for processing your data under the purposes included in the section entitled ”What is the purpose of handling your personal data?” is the consent of the interested party.

Who will be the recipients of your data?

MAPFRE ENTITY may only communicate your data for the purposes specified in the section entitled “What is the purpose of handling your personal data?”, to other companies in the MAPFRE Group (, and its subsidiaries and investees, to the MAPFRE Foundation, and to any third parties with which it may sign collaboration agreements.

Furthermore, any company in the MAPFRE Group (, or its subsidiaries and investees may communicate these personal data to any of the aforementioned entities for the purpose of maintaining integrated and centralised management of interested parties’ relationships with the various MAPFRE Group companies, and interested parties may benefit from access to their data from any of these companies, in all circumstances in accordance with the applicable personal data protection legislation, with no need for the interested parties to be notified of each first communication that is made.

As part of the communications indicated in this section, data may be transferred internationally to third-party countries or international organisations for which there may or not be a European Commission adaptation decision regarding such data. Any international transfers to countries that cannot guarantee a proper level of protection will only be made in exceptional cases where strictly necessary for the proper implementation of the contractual relationship.

What rights do you have when providing us your data?

In the terms specified in the regulations in force, all persons have the right to:

  • confirm whether MAPFRE is handling personal data that may concern you, and if so, access them and any information related to their handling
  • request the rectification of any imprecise data 
  • request the deletion of data for reasons including the data no longer being necessary for the purposes under which they were collected. In such cases, MAPFRE will stop handling the data, except to exercise or defend against any possible claims or to comply with applicable laws.
  • request limits on the handling of your data. In such a case, they will only be allowed to be handled with your consent, except for storing and using them to exercise or defend against any claims, for compliance with applicable laws, or for the protection of the rights of another natural or legal person or for reasons of significant public interest in the European Union or in a certain Member State..
  • oppose having your data handled. In this case, MAPFRE will stop handling your data, except for defence against potential claims or to comply with applicable laws.
  • receive your personal data in an appropriate structured, commonly used and machine readable format that has been provided to MAPFRE, or to request MAPFRE transfer them to another responsible party where technically possible. 
  • withdraw the consent you provided, if applicable, for the purpose included in the section entitled “What is the purpose of handling your personal data?”, without doing so affecting the lawfulness of the data being handled as consented before consent was withdrawn.

The data holders or their legal or voluntary representatives may directly exercise the aforementioned rights of access, rectification, erasure, limitation, objection and portability by sending a written communication to the “Oficina Corporativa de Privacidad y Protección de Datos. 52 Carretera de Pozuelo, 28222 Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain.” This communication must include a copy of their national identity document or any equivalent identity document.

Applicants may submit any claims to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos), especially if they believe they have not obtained satisfaction in exercising their rights over the website that the corresponding oversight authority has provided for such purposes.

The user is understood to have been informed and to accept the conditions established above if they continue to navigate through the website, and, if applicable, if they click on the “SEND/CONTINUE/CALCULATE” button on data collection forms.


MAPFRE ASISTENCIA will not be held liable for the information on this website originating in sources outside the MAPFRE Group, as well as for the contents not prepared by it.

The function of the links on this webpage is exclusively to inform the user of the existence of other information sources on the matter on the Internet, where they may obtain additional data. MAPFRE ASISTENCIA will in no case be responsible for the result obtained through those hyperlinks.

Legal Notice

The owner of the domain is MAPFRE ASISTENCIA, with Tax ID number (CIF) A/79194148, registered offices at 52 Carretera de Pozuelo, 28222, Majadahonda, Madrid (Spain), and registered in the Madrid Company Register, Volume 9806, section 3 of the Company ledger, Folio 95, Sheet 89,760-2, entry 1, and it consists of websites associated with the MAPFRE domains.

Conditions for using the Website

Users must agree to make good use of the website, with “good use” defined as use in accordance with the legislation in force, good faith, and public order.

Users will also agree not to use the website for fraudulent purposes and not to perform any action with intent to damage, disable or overload the website, or that may impede its normal use and functioning in any way.

Users are hereby informed that in the event of a violation of the Conditions of Use, or of the Privacy Policy or any other terms and conditions specified on the MAPFRE website, MAPFRE reserves the right to limit, suspend or block access to the website using any technical means it may deem necessary to achieve this.


All rights reserved. The design of the website and its source codes, and the logos, trademarks and other distinctive signs appearing herein are property of MAPFRE and are protected by the corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights.

Except where authorised in writing by the copyright holders, any reproduction, distribution, transformation, manipulation, public communication or any other full or partial type of free or pay use of the texts or images appearing on this website or of any of the content herein, is strictly prohibited.

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA reserves the right to make, at any time and without previous notice, any amendments, changes, removals, or cancellations in the contents and their form of presentation that are seen fit, be it temporarily or definitively. Users should ensure that they use the updated version at all times. This power does not grant users any right to receive compensation for damages and losses.

Cookies Policy

MAPFRE uses its own and third-party cookies to authenticate your user session, perform statistical analyses, display content that is useful to you, and improve and customize certain services by analyzing your browsing habits.

Read this Cookies Policy carefully to learn how MAPFRE uses cookies responsibly and about the options available to you to configure your browser and manage cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are generated in the user's computer and that allow us to understand the frequency of your visits, the content you select the most and the security elements that may intervene in controlling access to restricted areas, as well as the advertisements you view that are based on criteria predefined by MAPFRE and are activated by cookies sent by said company or by third parties that provide these services on behalf of MAPFRE.

As a general rule, there are the following types of cookies:

  • Depending on when they expire:
    • Session cookies: Expire at the end of a session.
    • Persistent cookies: Do not expire at the end of a session.
  • Depending on where they come from:
    • Origin: Enabled by the website being navigated.
    • Third-party cookies. Cookies from other websites.
  • Depending on their purpose:
    • Technical: allow navigation and use of different services.
    • Personalisation: allow access to services with predefined features.
    • Analysis: allow the monitoring and analysis of user behaviour.
    • Advertising: allow the management of advertising spaces.
    • Behavioural advertising: allow the management of advertising spaces. They store information about user behaviour.

What type of cookies do we use and for what purposes?

On this website, the following types of cookies are used for the following purposes:

Who accesses the information from the cookies?

The information stored in own cookies is used exclusively by MAPFRE.

Can cookies be disabled?

Except in the case of analytical cookies, the use of cookies has an effect on users' privacy since, as a general rule, it allows their content to be linked to the connecting IP address and to the user's other personal data, such as data provided voluntarily.

We respect your privacy, so we have made it easy for you to choose not to allow certain types of cookies to be installed. You can do this at any time at the

However, if the user subsequently wishes to delete the cookies that have been stored on their computer and that require consent, they may do so using the tools provided by their browser for these purposes. In this context, depending on the browser used, the following links describe the procedure for disabling cookies:

If the user does not accept cookies or subsequently rejects them, some of the website's functionalities may be affected.

Changes and updates to the cookies policy

MAPFRE may amend this Cookies Policy to comply with legislative or regulatory requirements, or to bring it into line with the instructions and recommendations issued by the regulators. We therefore recommend that you periodically review the Cookies Policy.