Corporate Solutions

More than 25 years increasing our partners’ profitability

Corporate Partners

We offer a range of products and services for protecting people and property covering ever-increasing needs. Our partners’ incorporation or distribution of these services, products and covers helps them to grow their business, improve their brand image and foster client loyalty.

Services and Cover for Insureds

Solutions for the Insurance Industry

We have our own assistance and service provision network tailored to portfolios of insureds on all 5 continents.

Our underwriters also offer insurance coverage for vehicle and lifestyle protection. 

Vehicle Warranty

Solutions for the Automotive Industry

We are specialised in designing and supporting the marketing and distribution of mechanical warranty and protection programmes for new and used vehicles.

Travel Insurance

Solutions for the Travel and Tourism Industry

We offer travel insurance and medical assistance programmes for offline or online distribution.

Awarded in 2011 and 2013 with the ITIJ Prize for the Best Travel Insurance Company and Affiliate Member of the World Tourism Organisation (WTO).

Programmes for the financial sector

Solutions for the Financial Industry

We develop programmed aimed at increasing and activating financial products.

We also provide insurance cover for credit cards and purchases in instalments or with financing.

Customised programmes and services for large groups

And also…

We design customised products and programmes for companies and groups to satisfy their clients’ needs and interests.